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A passenger on a flight over Chile captures a huge Alien Ship (video)

On the H272 flight from Puerto Montt to Santiago de Chile, a huge UFO was discovered at the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) UFO Center (departure 18:36, arrival 20:14).

I’m Rodrigo from Chile, and on November 11, 2020, I was flying from Puerto Montt to Santiago on the H272 train (departure 18:36, arrival 20:14).

I arrived in Santiago about 20:00, and I was the only one who could see the Andes mountain range above the clouds.

On top of the mountain, I just saw this odd cloud because it was the only rain cloud I could see. After wasting valuable seconds with my phone’s alphanumeric unlocking, I started photographing and filming the cloud in an attempt to comprehend it.

There was no longer a rain cloud, as shown by the video and photographs.

That’s fantastic! Once you’ve shot the first frame, switch to slow motion video to see that it’s no longer a cloud but a hard disk. On Google Maps, I was able to see a UFO floating peacefully outside my home.

It may have been an extraterrestrial spacecraft with an energy field encircling the disk’s circumference.

You’ll see this energy field if you watch the movie! As it flew away from the UFO, the plane was preparing to land. It gave the impression of fading to the horizon at first, but by occupying the video’s filters, the UFO had simply grown larger by that time.

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